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what or who is rylish?
rylish is my email "handle" or my electronic nickname.

why rylish? why not ryloban, spooner, or stanks?
while at the university of arizona, i tried several nicknames on for size. rylish stuck. i like to tell people that i always wanted to be an adverb. most chuckle, as if rylish is an adverb. some call me on it. in response, i stare blankly.

ryloban was my personal favorite. i thought it sounded like a prescription drug, so i made up a list of side effects for myself—as was in fashion at the time and still is. if you want to know about "spooner" or "stanks," you'll have to ask me in person. i do make it out of the office. occasionally. usually in search of caffeine.

should i call you "rylish," "ryan," "professor moeller," or what?
yes. i'll answer to just about anything. just don't call me "mr. moeller." i hate that.

why don't you like capital letters?
while i'd like to say that it's because i'm lazy and hitting the "shift" key takes too long, the reality is that it is actually harder to type without using capitals. i don't like capitals because they take control of emphasis and spatial design, when the beginnings of sentences and proper nouns are not necessarily where i want to place emphasis.

as a side note, i don't like exclamation points either. anne lammott once said that a writer should only use the exclamation point once per year. she was right.

other questions?
Please feel free to email me at rylish[dot]moeller[at]usu[dot]edu.

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