perspectives in writing and rhetoric

rhetorics of mobility


fall 2005

ryan moeller, ph.d.

mwf 2.30-3.20

rwst 214


rwst 312e

an image of a hand holding a pda with a blank screen

Week 1

29 Aug.

Course introduction and syllabus

31 Aug.

read syllabus
write: 100+ word essay that answers the question: what is the most revolutionary mobile technology in history and why?
technological autobiography discussed.

2 Sep.

read ROAM: "epilogue" (pp. 8-20)
technological autobiography due.

Week 2

5 Sep.

class cancelled for Labor Day holiday.
Research the history of Labor Day in the United States. Wear red.

7 Sep.

read ROAM: "travelogue and map" and "section: london" (pp. 24-35).
Fill out group presentation schedule.

9 Sep.

read ROAM: "chronograph" and "moving pictures" (pp. 36-53).
mapping exercise.

Week 3

12 Sep.

read ROAM: "the map is not the territory" (pp. 54-71).

14 Sep.

read handout on fieldworking. Available here in pdf format.

16 Sep.

read handout on rhetorical evidence. Available here in pdf format.
due: map of day.

Week 4

19 Sep.

read ROAM: "capoeia" and "from a cross to a nought" (pp. 72-83).
discuss node descriptions and incorporating visual design elements.

21 Sep.

read ROAM: "on the road," "automobilia," and "150km roundabout" (pp. 86-105)
read ROAM: "remind me" (pp. 266-297).
discuss visual display of information.

23 Sep.

duedraft of node descriptions to wilson.
workshop drafts.

Week 5

26 Sep.

draft of node description workshop.

28 Sep.

read ROAM: "flyover house," "scratched," and "parallelism" (pp. 106-129).

30 Sep.

node descriptions due.

Week 6

3 Oct.

read ROAM: "utopia revisited" and "zaha hadid: automobility & architecture" (pp. 130-149).

5 Oct.

read ROAM: "truck" and "truck world" (pp. 150-169).

7 Oct.

read ROAM: "intercity interchange," "people," and "cinetrain" (pp. 172-189).

Week 7

10 Oct.

read ROAM: "train" (pp. 190-203).

12 Oct.

workshop on mobile agent analysis.

14 Oct.

class cancelled for guest speaker. attend speaker for extra participation points. details to be announced in class.

Week 8

17 Oct.

writing assignment associated with guest speaker. click here for your options.

19 Oct.

read ROAM: "transferium" and "mobile sketchpad" (pp. 204-211).
workshop on mobile agent analysis.

21 Oct.

class cancelled for cptsc conference.

Week 9

24 Oct.

due: mobile agent analysis to wilson.
workshop on mobile agent analysis.

26 Oct.

read ROAM: "immigration, identity, and economy" and "liquid states" (pp. 216-221); also, read mccann's "driven to spend: sprawl and household transportation expenses," available at Meet in rbw 101.

28 Oct.

read ROAM: "unfr" and "sites pacific" (pp. 222-237).

Week 10

31 Oct.

read "understanding mobile contexts" (handout, available in pdf format here).

2 Nov.

workshop on mobile agent analysis.

4 Nov.

due: mobile agent analysis.

Week 11

7 Nov.

class canceled for university memorial service.

9 Nov.

read ROAM: "past, present, and future of global mobility" and "moving house" (pp. 238-257).

11 Nov.

read ROAM: "speed and communication" and "over exposed city" (pp. 260-297).

Week 12

14 Nov.

read ROAM: "timeline" (pp. 298-313).

16 Nov.

read ROAM: "mobile minded" (pp. 314-321).

18 Nov.

read "what can you learn from a cell phone?" (handout; available here in pdf format).

Week 13

21 Nov.

read "From Freedom to Involvement: On the Rhetoric of Mobility in HCI Research" (handout; available here in pdf format).

23-25 Nov.

class cancelled for Thanksgiving Holiday.

Week 14

28 Nov.

read "going nomadic: mobile learning in higher education" (handout; available here in pdf format).

30 Nov.

read "Human Pacman: a mobile, wide-area entertainment system based on physical, social, and ubiquitous computing" (handout; available here in pdf format).

2 Dec.

due:technology autobiographies.
due: drafts (2 copies) of mobile technology analysis.

Week 15

5 Dec.

conferences with wilson

7 Dec.

conferences with dr. moeller

9 Dec.

due: mobile technology analysis papers.