publications management


summer 2005

12 june-4 august
online <syllabase>

ryan moeller, ph.d.


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value: 100 pts.

Each week, you are responsible for posting a minimum of four substantive messages to the appropriate discussion forum. Your position papers must be posted each Tuesday and Thursday night by midnight, and your discussion items should be posted on at least two different days of the week to encourage dialog between class participants.

position papers

For each week that there are readings assigned, you should post at least a 300 word position paper by Tuesday night on the readings from Project Management. These position papers should be written with the goal of synthesizing the reading material, providing focused analysis on one topic or theme from the readings, or developing an argument based in the readings. Notice that I am not asking for summaries of the reading. Your position papers must demonstrate that you have completed the reading and have done some thinking about the content, ideas, and topics at hand. Your position papers should move us above and beyond the reading. By Thursday night, you should post another 300 word position paper that applies the readings for the week to a particular problem you have identified through your reading or experience, or to one of the issues identified in the readings from Postmortems.

Your position papers will be assessed on your ability to:

  • focus our attention on key issues, concerns, or problematics of the week's assigned readings.
  • construct your argument within the context of the course by using evidence from class discussions, course texts, and outside readings that are applicable and appropriate for the entire class.
  • discuss the implications (technical, social, and cultural) of the readings, as well as the topics and technologies addressed within.
  • provide thoughtful, constructive, and complex comments on the readings.
  • consistently spark productive conversations amongst your classmates.

Position papers should be posted to the appropriate discussion forum no later than midnight each Tuesday and Thursday.

After you have posted your position paper, you should post at least two additional 100+ word discussion items under the same forum.

Exception to the position paper assignment: during the weeks where no additional reading is assigned, you will be required to post materials elsewhere. These events should be announced clearly in the calendar or schedule, but if you have questions, please ask them under housekeeping or the bulletin board.

annotated bibliography

One week you will be assigned to post an annotated bibliography on research you're doing on project management instead of position papers. Your annotated bibliography should be a compilation of five (5) outside sources that are somehow applicable to project management. Outside sources may include [1] scholarly books and articles on areas that inform project management, [2] trade books and textbooks on project management or related topics, [3] websites that promote best practices in project management, and [4] software reviews on project management software. Your annotated bibliography should demonstrate a range of sources. If you need to focus on one area, it should be [1] scholarly books and articles. You should provide full citation information for each source (in mla, apa, or ieee format), and your annotations should summarize the article or source and discuss how each applies to the readings (4-5 sentences per annotation). On the week that you provide an annotated bibliography, you should post it by Tuesday night and you should still post two additional discussion items to the discussion forum. Since there will be several annotated bibliographies each week, you should discuss your sources early with your respective bibliographers so that there is no overlap amongst your sources.

discussion items

Your postings to the discussion forum following your position papers should address:

  • any question(s) addressed to the class by the instructor.
  • any question(s) addressed to the class by a position paper.
  • well-reasoned, thoughtful responses to the readings, to a discussion thread, or to the observations of another classmate.
  • attempts to synthesize materials from outside the course or ideas presented in previous weeks' discussion.
  • extended arguments or the discussion of the implications of arguments made in the readings or in a position paper.
  • reconciling competing definitions of terms.

These posts must be at least 100 words and should be aimed at creating a productive dialog among the entire class. you should have posted both additional discussion items on separate days and certainly by sunday night. On weeks where position papers are not required, your discussion items will take the form of responses to presentations or projects posted by your classmates.

project management analysis

value: 50 pts.

due: midnight, sunday, 23 july

This is a collaborative project in which you and 3-4 colleagues prepare a management analysis report on a distributed project of your choice. A management analysis report assesses the effectiveness of a team through the life cycle of a particular project, including collaboration, communication, leadership, task management, production, and communication tools (content management systems, etc.), and makes particular recommendations for improving one or more of these factors. One example of a distributed project available for analysis is the Learning Games Initiative, available at:

Your project management analyses should be between 2000-3000 words (not including footnotes, works cited, and other references), and they should address the following issues related to the project you are analyzing:

  • identify and describe the project, including the size and scope of the project, time devoted to planning and development, cost, project participants, means of distribution (how do team members communicate with one another?), where in the development cycle—planning, design, testing, production, postmortem— the project currently is, etc.
  • identify or create a vision for this project. if one exists, cite it. if a vision does not exist, create one based upon your findings and include it in your recommendations.
  • describe the development process, including what is going right, what is going wrong, and why. Focus on means and types of communication between team members when possible.
  • conclude with a list of recommendations that are supported by best practices in the field and (hopefully) those that we are discussing in class.
  • assume your audience is the project manager for the particular project you are analyzing. As such, you will want to be polite and diplomatic in your assessments and recommendations.

I will assess your project management analyses on your ability to summarize the project, assess its design strengths and weaknesses, determine appropriate and effective means of communication and team-building protocols, and to support your claims with evidence from the project, from professional experience, and from secondary sources. Your own ethos as project management consultants also factors into my assessment as I will be looking for you to present your materials in a professional manner in all respects and aspects.

seminar paper/term project

value: 50 pts.

due: midnight, sunday, 6 august

This project should be a researched solution to a problem you identify within the domain of project management, broadly cast. It should be aimed at a specific audience for action, and it should provide that audience with every they need to solve the problem. The format and content of each project will vary according to audience and purpose, but your final drafts must be researched and well-documented, comprehensive in background and scope, and well-designed. They should be at least 3000 words, excluding works cited and other miscellany./p>