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writing proposals


value: 400 pts. (35 pts. each week a reading, assignment, or peer review activity is due)

Each week, you are responsible for posting at least three substantive discussion items for that week and for reading all of the posts in that forum. Your first post of the week should be made by Tuesday at midnight, it should address specific elements of the reading, and it should pose question(s) for the class to discuss (between 300-500 words). In particular, your posts may address the following questions:

Each week, one or two students will be assigned an annotated bibliography assignment in lieu of their initial post. Your annotated bibliographies must contain 5 published sources on proposal writing or genre theory that have not been annotated previously in the course. For each source, include a 3-4 sentence summary of the source. Your summaries should document the applicability of the source to our readings that week. Sample annotations might look something like the following:

Zachry, M., Spinuzzi, C., & Hart-Davidson, W. (2006). Researching Proposal Development: Accounting for the Complexity of Designing Persuasive Texts. In Proceedings of the 24th Annual International Conference on Computer Documentation. ACM Press. 142-48.

In this article, the authors argue that little research has been done on the how proposal writing is accomplished in the workplace. To remedy this, the authors begin to model generic proposal writing processes from three different angles: best practices as outlined in trade literature, accounts of writing work in published studies, and their own ongoing case studies. Among the authors findings, they stress the importance of scheduling, worksheets, mapping and organizational strategies, storyboarding, researching, strong centralized leadership, oral communication, and improvisation.

Kluge, D. (2008, April). Deborah's Proposal Writing Blog. Messages posted to http://www.proposalwriter.com/weblog/archives/2008/04/

Kluge is an independed consultant who specializes in proposal development. In April 2008, she dedicated most of her blog to the processes surrounding planning a major grant project, including outlining, recycling and project management planning, and studying grant evaluation criteria. Kluge argues that successful grant writing involves being responsive to the request for proposals (RFP) put out by the funding organization. The RFP should tell you how to manage the space in your proposal as well as where you should spend most of your time in researching and developing the proposal.

Your remaining two posts for the week should be made by Thursday at midnight, and these posts should address separate questions posed by your classmates in their initial posts (approximately 100-150 words each).

Your discussion forum posts will be assessed on your ability to:

proposal and audience analysis

Value: 200 pts.

Early in the semester, you will write a proposal for the research and work you would like to conduct for your seminar project. Your project should include a researched proposal or argument and will include primary and secondary sources where appropriate. This proposal will inform me of the work you wish to conduct, the course resources upon which you will draw, and will provide me with an analysis of your audience. This latter item might be a journal review if you are writing for a specific journal like Technical Communication, Intercom, or the Journal of Business and Technical Communication; it might also be a comprehensive description of the audience you are writing to, describing their situations and needs, and the appeals you will make to them to motivate them to action.

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seminar project

Value: 400 pts.

This project includes a researched proposal that is targeted at a specific audience for action or a publishable article documenting original research in proposal writing.

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total points possible

value: 1,000 points.