professional writing technologies

course texts and additional resources

spring 2006
ryan moeller ph.d.

t & th 4:30-5:45

rwst 101


rwst 312e

required texts

Kimball, Miles A. The Web Portfolio Guide: Creating Electronic Portfolios for the Web. New York: Longman. 2003. ISBN: 0-321-09345-3.

Williams, Robin and John Tollett. The Non-Designer's Web Book. 3rd edition. Berkeley, CA: Peachpit. 2000. ISBN: 0-201-71038-2.

recommended texts

I recommend that each of you obtain a manual or "Bible" for Dreamweaver and Photoshop to cover elements of these programs that we will not be able to cover in class.

additional readings

These will be handouts and electronic documents that will be announced in class and below.

technical writing

Beard, John D., Jone Rymer, and David L. Williams. "An Assessment System for Collaborative Writing Groups: Theory and Empirical Evaluation." Journal of Business and Technical Communication 3 (September 1989): 2951.

Lay, Mary M., and William M. Karis, eds. Collaborative Writing in Industry: Investigations in Theory and Practice. Amityville, N.Y.: Baywood, 1991.

Tufte, Edward R. Envisioning Information. Graphics, 1990.

--- .Visual and Statistical Thinking: Displays of Evidence for Making Decisions. Cheshire, CT: Graphics Press. 1997.

--- . The Visual Display of Quantitative Information. 2nd Ed. Graphics, 2001.

--- . Visual Explanations: Images and Quantities, Evidence and Narrative. Graphics, 1997.


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web design

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web portfolios

"Student Web Portfolio." Wofford College Student Life. Retrieved 7 January 2006 from <>.

"Web Portfolios for Tech Communicators." Retrieved 7 January 2006 from <>.