ENGL 6890: Studies in Writing and Rhetoric | Writing in and for Virtual Teams


value: 300 pts. (50 pts. each week a reading, assignment, or peer review activity is due)

Each week, you are responsible for posting at least three substantive discussion items for that week and for reading all of the posts in that forum. On weeks where there are readings posted for Tuesday and Thursday, you are responsible for posting at least four discussion items. Your first post of the week should be made by Tuesday at midnight, it should address specific elements of the reading, and it should pose question(s) for the class to discuss (at least 200 words). In particular, your posts may address the following questions:

Your remaining two posts for the week should be made by Fridayat midnight, and these posts should address separate questions posed by your classmates in their initial posts (approximately 100-150 words each).

Your discussion forum posts will be assessed on your ability to:

course wiki guide

Value: 300 pts.

Throughout the course, you should demonstrate what you know and what you learn by building a guide for technical communicators who find themselves on virtual teams. You will gain points for this project by contributing drafts of sections, editing and revising your peers' work on the article, and by working on the course bibliography (also on the course wiki page). The course wiki is a password protected collaborative space located at http://spaces.usu.edu.

The points for the wiki will be earned according to the following rubric. When you make a contribution to the course wiki, please document it in the comments section of the wiki page you've contributed to and to the appropriate discussion forum in Blackboard so that I can give you credit for your work.

drafting a section -- up to 20 pts for quality, substance, and permanence (your work is not dramatically changed)
editing/revising -- up to 10 pts. for substantial revisions
course bibliography -- 5 pts. for every additional source added to the bibliography, 2 pts. for organizing items

I would like to submit the course wiki to a journal in the field, either Technical Communication or Intercom. We will need to discuss authorship rights and responsibilities before that can happen. That conversation will take place in a discussion forum.

seminar project

Value: 400 pts.

Your final project for the course will be one of two collaborative projects. Working with a team of 2 or 3 other students, you will either review a technology that facilitates team work (google docs, wikis, blogs, etc.), or you may collaborate on a white paper that presents an in-depth look at one element of virtual teaming (presence, trust, proximity, diversity, etc.).

Technology reviews should:

White papers should:

total points possible

value: 1,000 points.