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FlowTV flowtv is doing some great work on media culture. i especially like this piece on a rock band bar night.
in media res in media res is another cool project on media sponsored by the media commons group. you can check out my installation on player immersion.
LibraryThing.com a social networking site for bookish folk. think MySpace that even the most stodgy english professor can get behind. if you dig it, i recommend getting their inexpensive barcode scanner. it makes quick work of your library by scanning barcodes.
spezify a search tool that renders results visually. i'm finally thrilled that i have used my nickname! a search for "rylish" pulls up my identity, rather than a real estate broker or a baseball pitcher!
Hulu if you have to ask. . .
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From here, you can read about my research, my teaching, or view my curriculum vitae in PDF format. To view my cv, you will need Adobe's Acrobat Reader. Other links include my frequently asked questions page, my contact information, or my description at Utah State University.

Please feel free to email me at rylish[dot]moeller[at]usu[dot]edu.

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