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Much of my work is currently dedicated to what we can learn from the computer game industry. I use the concept we broadly here, since I am interested in the wide-ranging impacts of the game industry on the consumer/player all the way to the socio-economic place that gaming holds in our culture. I have launched a chapter of the Learning Games Initiative (LGI) at Utah State University, and we have completed development of a demo version of an educational game, Aristotle's Assassins.

Recently, a group of game researchers met under the Game Studies, Culture, Play and Practice area of the national Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association Conference in San Antonio (April 2011). You can find a summary of upcoming publication opportunities and future research questions and topics here: http://rylish.usu.edu/research/pcaaca.html.

For more on LGI, the international consortium of researchers, please follow this link: <http://lgi.mesmernet.org/>.

For more on LGI at USU, please follow the following link: <http://lgi.usu.edu/>.

For more on Aristotle's Assassins, please go to: <http://lgi.usu.edu/projects/aristotle.htm>.

representative publications

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